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Joe Guide & Mr. Richie with his second tailing redfish on a fly


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1/2 day – University Students & Military with ID

  Joe Guide Outfitters – North Carolina Saltwater Fly Fishing


In North Carolina during the months of April – September- I can be found on my skinny water Redfish skiff (19.8x 68″ D3 Marsh Master Flats boat, which is pushed by a unique Go Devil Surface Drive 35hp engine) and I specialize on fly fishing and sight fishing for Redfish.

I pefer to take my clients during the tidal periods where there are incoming high tides and fish a half day (4 hours) through that falling tide during the full moon and new moon tidal phases which are needed to properly flood the spartina flats where I know there are thousands of primary and secondary food species for reds. These are shrimp and crabs: these are the mud crab, the fiddler crab and smaller/jeuvie blue crabs. Prior to the flood tide we can find reds staging along deep cuts and deeper drop offs, espcially off oyster beds prior to the higher incoming tidal periods, however, I must say that I enjoy fly fishing the flooded spartina grass flats best of all when the tides are calf deep and incoming, prior to flood tide and during the falling tides off a super high tide when wading and sightfishing can be exciting!

My local saltwater range in my coastal area of southeastern North Carolina is from Bogue Sound south to the Cape Fear’s lower delta region where you’ll find thousands of acres of shallow flats with cuts, as well as miles of muddy creeks and deep channels that flood into expansive duck ponds and massive old rice fields now taken over by spartina grass where I take my clients wade fishing or poling them in my skifff while sight-fishing for redfish in skinny water!

I also book a limited number of fly-fishing, waterfowl and marsh hen hunting trips around the Charleston, S.C. backcountry salt marshes and wilderness areas. If you live in South Carolina or perhaps planning on visiting that beautiful old port city in the South Carolina lowcountry in April – September book a flyfishing or wildfowl hunt with me for a half day’s adventure. These are inshore wilderness areas where I grew up hunting and flyfishing.  Charleston is approximatly four hours drive, south of my current hometown in Wilmington, NC; however it’s these areas where  I grew up chasing reds and waterfowl during the days of my youth.

I talk about all of these backcountry wilderness areas along coastal South and North Carolina as well as the other states coastal inshore villages and out of the way coastal communities in my Fly Fishing book: REDFISH on A FLY. You can get it on AMAZON books, or ask for my book in your local bookstore, or you can contact me for a signed copy which I will send to you while supplies last for $35 and S/ flies work on reds

I am a Presbyterian (USA) Minister, and U.S. Navy Chaplain (Ret)  after thirty years of service, which has kept me quite busy at times throughout my life. Who you want to guide you, some guide with a slick flats boat, or someone who’s served in times of war and peacetime throughout the USA and the world?  I’ve been fly fishing for well over forty years now, and am blessed to have lived throughout the world and the USA serving our great nation.

You can book any guide, but I hope you will book a U.S. Veteran on your next adventure. What better person to guide you, than a USCG Registed guide, and someone who’s a registed to guide in both North and South Carolina coastal inshore waters.

If you like to use my light tackle or fly rods, just let me know, or bring your own, as I have plenty of fly rods and light tackle rods, if you don’t want to bring your own; however I prefer to guide fly fishermen as I try to focus on sight fishing tailing reds.

My favorite areas to fly fish…

greenfliesrderedsdelight during falling tidesThe Lower Cape Fear Delta Marsh and Bogue Sound Marshes are two unique skinny water areas of approximately 34,500 acres of salt marsh backcountry bayous with flats, creeks, cuts, and thousands of acres of spartina grass flats, as well as hundreds of sweet little backcountry saltwater duck ponds that suitable for wading. It’s here way out in the backcountry wilderness where the big ol’ flats boats cannot get into except during the highest of tides. It’s here where you’ll find reds that come in pushing water… to eat the tons of small crab and shrimp that inhabit these estuaries. Most of your shots at reds will be casts that will range from approximately 25 – 40 feet.

These marsh complexes where the red drum (Redfish) grows, and these areas will remind you of the backcountry of southern Louisiana, except in Bogue and the Lower Cape Fear Delta there are hundreds and hundreds of acres where you can wade and sight fish tailing reds. As you may already know, you can’t wade in southern Louisiana due to gators and deep mud.

The Carolina low country salt marsh has thousands of miles of backcountry flats and duck ponds where I will pole you or we will wade- fish and you’ll enjoy stalking redfish. We’ll find rat reds to reds up to 30 “ pushing water- along the flats or edges of flats, or “tailing” deep in the spartina grass flats..

We will get to them by poling my 19.8 x 68” D3 Marsh Master skiff, or we can wade for them – if you prefer to do that in skinny water. I focus on fly fishing during the flood tides from April – September. I guide from Bogue Sound – south to the Lower Cape Fear Salt Marsh complex. If you look at these areas on Google Earth, you can see how massive these salt marsh complexes are to navigate..


Perhaps you like to be on a fly casting forward platform, and enjoy being poled across a incoming high and falling tide chasing redfish in pods of 4-8 or 12 or more? No matter the number, you with certainly experience fly fishing in a beautiful part of coastal North Carolina saltwater flats that lay just inside our barrier island’s backcountry.

I guide from Bogue Sound – south to the Lower Cape Fear Salt Marsh complex. If you look at these areas on Google Earth, you can see how massive these salt marsh complexes are to navigate.

I hunt Marsh Hens and Waterfowl throughout these same coastal areas of North Carolina in the winter time, therefore, I am on these waters a great amount of time, and know these areas like the back of my hand. I’m friends with the local watermen who live in these particular areas, and they know me. You will find that I am the nicest guide you’ll ever meet, and one who will always do my very best each trip, to get you where you need to be to be successful in your next outdoor adventure..

Wilmington, NC has a great deal of beaches, shopping malls, golfing, tennis, surfing for the kids and young people. Keep that in mind if you are bringing your family down this way.

Call  910. 685.6845 when confirming a booking date